Natural Pearl of Industrial Area

This protected area is located in the Czech-Polish border zone. The river Odra here creates a natural flow with numerous bends (meanders) of approximately 7 km. On the river of such dimensions and parameters, it is rare pan-European interest. There are remnants of old floodplain forests, systems of younger forests and other small-scale habitats here. This natural formation could occur only because for years there have been no major technical adjustments, so you can find a snapshot original pure nature, which is located here in ancient times.

"Natural monument Boundary meanders of Odra" was proclaimed in 2006 by Moravian Region . The first attempts at classification of protected areas by local naturalists were already in the years 1994 and 1995, but without success. In 1997 the territory became interested and the WWF staff. After years of joint efforts another proposal has been approved and the area gained the status of natural monuments.

The main object of protection, as well as the uniqueness of the entire area, is itself the flow of river Oder. This is because the river in the whole section is my own bed and it literally flowing as it pleases, without the flow was altered or modified. It can arise from established gravel deposition numerous bench and blind arms, which is in Central Europe almost unique.

With large-scale occurrence of significant natural habitats and the existence of rare animals and plants is a natural monument since 2004 part of the NATURA 2000 system.

The whole area is one of the most important winter-site od birds in the country and also part of The Bird area Heřman state-Odra-Poolší announced in 2008.

Natural Monument is also included in the pan-European concept called Espace de liberté (loosely translated - Free space for the river), which is defined boundaries for the free movement of rivers.

In the river bed and its vicinity there are constant changes, all data must therefore be taken with due caution. Designers also like to take a new and interesting data on the natural monument, as well as any repairs or text data.